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⋆ About the Artist ⋆

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!
My name is Lucas, but online I tend to go by Lou, Blue, Bluey, or whatever else you'd like to call me.
I'm a 20 yr/old neurodivergent artist in the city of Saint Louis, MO, and I'm most prominently in the furry fandom!
Much of my work consists of human/oid and anthropomorphic character design and illustration, but I'm also an amateur fursuit maker with future plans for a business.
I'm relatively open to conversation, so never be afraid to shoot me a message!

When it comes to contacting me, whether it be simple questions or commission inquiries, I must state that I have phases of inactivity due to my mental and physical health, and that can delay a response from me. I also have a habit of over-typing long messages, and can be pretty talkative. I will do my best to get to you when I can, and bear with me when I do!

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